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Who We Are


About Bulembu & Challenge Ministries Child Sponsorship

Swaziland is the smallest nation in the southern hemisphere, with a population of just over 1.2 million people. Economic poverty is prevalent and the rate of HIV/AIDS is among the highest in the world. Many of the children are orphaned or vulnerable. An orphan refers to a child that has lost one or both parents. The children often refer to their extended family as their parents. Meanwhile a vulnerable child is a child that comes from a poor background. The parents could be dead or alive but are poor and unable to provide adequately for the needs of the child.

Our Child Sponsorship Program is a way to support our work to rescue children, raise leaders and rebuild a community and a nation. Unlike other child sponsorship programs, we go beyond simply supplying essentials like food, shelter and clothing. Our program ensures long-term, sustainable solutions by providing holistic care directly to children in need.

100% of all sponsorship funds go directly to the child, providing coverage for all aspects of the child’s life: home care, food, medical care, clothing, housing, and education. Our program gives Swazi children the opportunity to thrive, to just be children, and to emerge as leaders in their homes, work, community and nation. We believe every child deserves the chance to have an education and fulfil their dreams.

We work directly with Swaziland Social Welfare to welcome children into our care programs. Our vision is to raise up the next generation of Swazi leaders. With your help, we are providing a bright future full of hope for orphaned and vulnerable children who will be available to serve their nation in their God-given gifting.

Challenge Ministries

Hope lives here - Freedom is found here - Changed lives leave here


To compassionately WIN Swaziland, through partnering with like-minded individuals, churches and organizations;


To TRAIN up a remnant to preserve the future by becoming an accurate representation of Christ being lived out amongst communities;


To SEND out empowered believers from a restored Swaziland to a world in need.


HAWANE CHILDREN’S HOME provides interim foster homes of no more than eight to ten children per home, per “parent.” We take in only the most desperate cases from the Department of Social Welfare. The children are raised in their new homes, knowing that the home is theirs for life. The parents have ongoing training in raising children, psychosocial care, first aid, primary health care, nutrition, agriculture and life skills. Each child has his/her own vegetable garden, access to raising rabbits and fish and is required to prepare meals for the homestead, as well as learning life skills within the homestead.


HEALTH CARE MINISTRY: Headquartered at Hawane, the Health Ministry is a four-bed hospice centre, as well as mobile medical clinics throughout Swaziland. The health team partners with local churches and ICBC (In Community, By Community Church) locations to bring free clinics to areas that are underserved. In each clinic community, a Compassionate Care Team consisting of volunteers conduct home visits to people who are sick and often bedridden and alone.


TEEN CHALLENGE SWAZILAND: Emafini Men’s Centre provides a structured program to work with male youth battling life controlling habits, journeying with them as they battle to break free of their habits. The residential program is a minimum of twelve months long and is a structured, care- confrontational program. The Centre has capacity for 24 residents. We are seeing dramatic changes in the lifestyle and behaviour of those coming through the program.


TEEN CHALLENGE SWAZILAND: Elusitweni Women’s Centre protects and empowers women and their children who are suffering physical and sexual abuse in the home, school or the workplace. The residential program, also based on the Christ-centred Teen Challenge curriculum provides physical, spiritual and emotional care to abused women, girls and their children.


LIFE SKILLS BIBLE SCHOOL is a life skills, character based programme that runs over two years for graduates of Hawane, Lighthouse or Teen Challenge as well as other applicants from within Swaziland. The focus of the school is to prepare youth to enter the world as self-confident young adults who are teachable, loyal, diligent and presentable.


IN COMMUNITY BY COMMUNITY CHURCH (ICBC): An ICBC project begins with planting a church in a hurting community. Each project is led by a visionary, Swazi pastor. In partnership with churches and organisations from around the world, ICBCs further incorporate a pre-school, sustainability programmes, health care and nutrition programs and OVC care. There are currently six active ICBC projects with a long-term vision for 60 locations. Each ICBC will have a unique sustainability aspect serving its own community.


KHULULA CHOIR: This group of children and leaders from Challenge Ministries are true ambassadors for Swaziland and for God’s sustaining power! The Khulula Choir has shared their stories and music in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as throughout Swaziland. Combining traditional Swazi songs and celebrations of dance, the choir is a true representation of Win, Train, Send in action!


Teams and individuals from around the world reach the hurting people of Swaziland as the hands and feet of Christ. Our commitment is to provide volunteers with a meaningful experience and an opportunity to grow in a deeper relationship with God through intentional discipleship. Visitors participate in building projects at ICBC sites, plant gardens in communities, assist with prayer ministry in hospitals, attend health clinics and spend time with children throughout the ministry.


The heart of EduGate is to train pre-school teachers who will impact the future generations of Swaziland. This six-month program includes theoretical study and practical placement in community schools. EduGate graduates return regularly for refresher courses. Training sessions are made available to teachers throughout Swaziland at no charge to them.


POTTER’S WHEEL CHURCH: Named after the Jeremiah 18 image of a potter moulding clay into vessels in His house, Potter’s Wheel Church is a place of spiritual worship, a house of prayer and a community for liberated revival. Potter’s Wheel offers a strong life group network (small home groups), access to advanced teaching and well developed ministries for men, women, children, families and youth.

CHALLENGE MINISTRIES SWAZILAND (started as ‘The Lighthouse’) was established in April 1997 and reaches out to help the children & youth of Swaziland who are hurting, disadvantaged, infected and affected by HIV. Our goal is to encourage and help disadvantaged youth to successfully deal with their past hurts and to grow in self-confidence, understanding their potential, their uniqueness, their value, establishing hope, encouraging tangible goals and living in the revelation of their promise and significance.












ICBC is an acronym for ministry that is done In the Community and By the Community that the ministry is located in, led by a visionary pastor within the community to include a church, health outreach, sustainability projects, pre-school and orphan homes, and community vegetable gardens.

Our model thus far includes a church plant, a pastor’s house, two widow homes and or homes for orphans, a community vegetable garden, a health outreach project and sustainability projects to support the local pastor and its church. The first ICBC project was established in the Hawane area in 2008.

Our God-sized vision is to plant 60 ICBC churches in the worst affected areas in the nation of Swaziland, to impact the communities with the love and life of Jesus Christ.


We believe that these are the days of Ezekiel, where the dry bones of hopelessness will now be knit together by the Spirit of the Lord for those who live in the love of God and the revelation of His Word.


Currently there are 8 ICBCs over Swaziland, with the vision to see 60 across the nation, tackling poverty, dependency, HIV and AIDS in God's way.


Bulembu has an ambitious vision and a large heart. We are a not-for-profit

organisation serving Jesus Christ through community enterprise and community care.



Bulembu has an ambitious vision and a large heart. We are a not-for-profit organisation serving Jesus Christ through community enterprise and community care.

Our Vision

Raising leaders, Restoring a town for a sustainable Kingdom Transformation.

Our Mission

Restoring hope, equipping lives, building family through Christ-centred community care and community enterprise.

Our Values

Faith. Hope. Love.


Today, Bulembu has a clear vision to become a vibrant, sustainable community. This vision for sustainability includes fostering the development of a new generation of emerging leaders through orphan care, education, health services and commerce. A variety of Community Care programs are transforming the town by restoring basic social services to the community. Utilizing the infrastructure already established, Bulembu leadership discovered many opportunities to build innovative, sustainable, and profitable businesses in the community. Each enterprise is formally a division of the larger charity, with the profits from each enterprise flowing into Bulembu’s Sustainability Fund for the advancement of the vision.

As people from outside of Swaziland recognize the unique opportunity to invest in this town’s vision and partner with the people of Bulembu, a new generation of Swazi leaders will emerge. These young people will become men and women equipped, engaged and prepared to contribute to the transformational work so desperately needed in this country.

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